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I came inside the room then she told me it was not her room but her mother room i laid in the bed and she laid by me ,, i could not believe my eyes that i am with her under one ceiling
i started touching her again and listening her throttled sighs her sighs started getting loudly when i touched her erected nipples then she went off i could at last having this sexy woman , from these small dense breast to that shaved cunt my lips never stopped untill i could drinking her juice ,, i sat on the chair and she rode me and she said ( you were telling me that i am knight and you are my horse and its time to be my horse ) and i answered with lust yes baby i am your horse !
she was dancing like a hell while I was shoving mine into her clean sweet salty pussy and her body sweated and tasty drops of sweat in my mouth
i carried her to bed then i put her legs on my shoulder and pushed whole of my dick into her ,, here she could not stop her noise and shout aaahhh when she cum i tried to shut her mouth but no way ,, we heard steps of her sister ,, who knocked the door ,, Mina are you there ? she said yes ! she said are you alone ? here Mina jumped out of the bed , put a gown around her and went to her sister ,, and i heard them whispering No I am not ,,, the sister wtf who is there ? then she told her Pat ,, oh then they had a deal that i have to leave immediately !
next day she avoided my calls ,, i waited 2 days until the vacation end and went to the University to meet her ,, i saw her talking to others and when i arrived her voice faded away and her smile vanished ,, after many questions she replied ,, you still love me ,, I said what are you serious ?
she was worry because she thought it would be a one night stand ! i assured her and led her to the passage

I asked her to walk with me around the building trying to find any place to kiss her or do any we were walking when a smart thought came to my head I remembered the rest room of teachers wings would be safe and secured because it quiet and nobody would imagine there are any crazy couple can having sex there [Suck On It Baby].
At the same night she called me and she was alike a woman that the fire of desire sprung up of her body , she never told me that directly but the tone of her voice ,, i did not waste time , so i asked her (may you tell me frankly if you want me to come over ?) , and as a lady she said ( what are you talking about ?)

Next day we met and i told her directly that I could n’t wait more and I was controlled by the idea of having her between my arms besides I love her seriously while she was looking at me and her eyes filled with tears that were refusing to come out so i continued telling her my feelings ,, same day i got her call (please come to my house ) I was like what ??? she said (come to my house ,, my mom traveled today and i am here ,, Dad is sleeping and my sister will not object when she is sleeping also )
I said ( but is it good if one of them catch me there when they did not invite me ) , she firmly said ( you want me or no? ) here I could not talk but i called a friend asking him to drive me to her house because i did not want to park my car there to avoid troubles ,, my friend was worry and he asked me many time to be careful and if someone catch me i have to stop and never run
I found her spinning around herself so i got out of the car and heading to her house garage ,, there she hold my hands leading me to the kitchen ,, deep kiss and my hands were rubbing against her butt separated and split them she was put a white short with a tshirt that was showing her belly ,, she told me (stay here i will go checking my dad sleeping ,, and come back to take you to my room ,, if anything happened ,, behave normally !
a minute and she came back took me from hands upstairs where is her room
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The girls knew that mom and I saw them in their bedroom window…, I looked close now…….

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and the other guy started to kiss me, He was the guy that I saw having sex at the house I looked in

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